Authentic mods are truly works of art. hand crafted master peaces. Some people ONLY buy Authentics, while others don’t care and just want a cheap mod. One annoying part when looking for a Authentic mod is finding good sites, Some you think will be good end up sucking, while others you never heard of have tons of deals and awesome Mods and attys. Well we did the searching part for you and found the good sites.

8 Sites to find Authentic Mods and Attys


Farkis Mods

farkis mods

Farkis mods actually manufactures the Authentic Mods and Attys so the selection they have is not as big as the other sites on this list, but I prefer to showcase the actual makers rather than just a site that sells the mods. Anyway the prices of these authentic mods are pretty good, they are slick as well. They also make Attys that are pretty nice. definitely check em out in you’re looking for a new mod.

Vaping Cotton

vaping cotton


Vaping Cotton is a store not a manufacturer like Farkis, but they have a decent selection of Authentic Mods and Attys, the pricing for the mods are reasonable, pretty good place to get a first time Authentic Mod if you don’t want to spend $600. All in all a great site.

Vapor Range

vapor range


Vapor Range is a pretty great site over all. They have a good selection of Authentic Mods and Attys, a bunch of the stuff they do have is on sale, and from what I can tell from visiting this site from time to time is that they do update so you will probably find something new.

Vapor Leaf

vapor leaf

Vapor Leaf has a pretty good selection of Authentics but the real reason I added this site is because of to amount of sale items I found, It seemed as if half of the Authentics were on sale. that could be because they were just priced too high at first and no one was buying them, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Vapor Cigzz

vapor cigzz

Vapor has a decent amount of Authentics for sale. Like a few other sites on this list they also have a bunch of Mods on sale. They say they ship within 24 hours so that’s a plus. I dunno check em out if you’re looking for an authentic,

We Just Vape

we just vape

We just vape is a good site. The selection of Authentics is Pretty good, A little on the lower priced Authentics, you wont find the $500 dollar mod but they do got some nice Attys and Mods. Great for a first time Authentic buyer.

Shop Vape Co.


Another pretty great selection on this site. From what I can tell not bad pricing. It’s hard to tell on some sites because some will be cheaper and other mods wont be. But this one has some pretty good Mods. Worth checking out.

Sub Sonic Vapes


Sub Sonic Vapes is a pretty slick site.They have a few Mods and Attys to choose from, they have are really nice looking and the pricing isn’t too shabby. I would absolutely check them out if you’re looking for something Authentic. The site is very well made and navigating wasn’t hard at all.  A+

There you have it. I think in future articles I will be showing only the Manufacturer, Plus that way we get to help spread the word on some possibly lesser known companies,

If you have a site that you goto lets here about them in the comments, or just say hi

We hope you enjoyed this article and maybe found a new place to score an authentic Mod or Atty.

if you’re in the mood for some cheaper mods and attys in the Clone variety check these articles out


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