It wasn’t long ago that to vape something in the Sub Ω range was a dangerous quest and something not everyone was quick to jump at trying. Also most regulated mods wouldn’t work that low or high depending on how you look at it. Now they sell Sub-Ohm Tanks in starter kits for new vapers.

These 8 Sub-Ohm Tanks were all picked because at the time of writing this article they are all new releases or about to be released.

Kanger ProTank 4


The legend has retuned

The Kanger ProTank 4 is the newest member of a long line of quality & popular Kanger tanks. This version has a ton of new and unique features that will without a doubt keep Kanger and their Protank in the heart and minds of the vaping community.

The airflow on the ProTank 4 has been redesigned to now incorporate two airflow adjustment locations. One of the adjustments is around the base and controls how much air vs. vapor you get, or the “airiness” of the hit. The second adjustment is at the top of the tank. This airflow controls the temperature of your hit or how cool it is. If you open the adjustment, you will get a cooler hit, closing the valve will give you a hotter hit.

The deck on the Protank 4 now has an optional RBA section you can attach to build coils like you would on an RDA or RTA. One nice feature is that you can use all of the existing Kangertech SSOCC atomizer coils. So if you have them laying around, you can use them up with the Protank 4.

The tank section of the Protank 4 can hold up to 5mls of juice. This is a pretty big amount for a Sub-Ohm Tank. And because of this, you will be able to vape for hours without needing to refill. When it does come time to refill your tank you now have two options. You can fill the tank the traditional way by taking it apart, or you can just use the simple filling port at the top of the tank. Just pull up on the top part to reveal the filling port (fig:3).

Protank 4 Specifications

  • Dimensions: 22mm X 65.5mm
  • Tank Capacity: 5ml’s
  • Coils: RBA Deck, Ceramic Coil Head, MTL 1.5Ω
  • SSOCC Compatible
  • Top & Side Fill Design
  • Child Lock
  • Airflow settings, MTL(Mouth 2 Lung), DL Inhale
  • Pyrex Tank Section
  • Delrin Drip Tip

Pick up a Kangertech Protank 4 Sub-Ohm Tank for around $35.00

Kanger ProTank 4 Sub-Ohm Tank

SMOK TFV8 Sub-Ohm Tank

SMOK TFV8 Sub Ohm Tank

Bigger Better Faster Stronger

The SMOK TFV8 is SMOK’s newest and biggest Sub-Ohm Tank yet. You can think of the TFV8 as an Upgraded TFV4 in many ways.The bottom cyclops air intakes have been upgraded to suck in 18% more cloud billowing air over the loved TFV4 tank. Along with more airflow coming into the tank the diameter has been increased by 15% giving the overall area a 30% increase over the TFV4.

The heads that come with the TFV8 are equally impressive. Featuring 4 main coil options. The first is the massive V8-T8 Octuple Coil. Yes, that is eight coils. The second the V8-T6 is a Sextuple Coil meaning six coils. Then you have the V8-Q4 that is Quad 4 coils. Lastly, you have the RBA deck that will allow you to build your coils (Fig:2).

The tank can hold a whopping 5.5ml’s of juice, making this tank perfect for taking with you. You fill this monster with a useful hinged door design that also has been widened making the filling process that much easier (Fig:2).

SMOK TFV8 Specifications

  • 24.5mm Diameter
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Coil Options: V8-T8 (Octuple Coil), V8-T6 (Sextuple Coil), V8-Q4 (Quad Coil)
  • RBA Deck head included
  • Huge Cyclops Air Inlets Around Base
  • Top Fill Design (Hinged Top Cap)
  • Tank Capacity: 6ml’s
  • Wide-Bore Delrin Drip Tip

Pick up a SMOK TFV8 Sub-Ohm Tank for around $40.00

SMOK TFV8 Sub-Ohm Tank

Ceravape Cerabis Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank


First No Cotton Sub-Ohm Tank

The Ceravape Cerabis Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank is an interesting take on the Sub-Ohm Tank design. The first unique feature is the Cerabis coils use no cotton. Using Ceramic to heat has a few benefits like flavor and practically zero chance of a dry hit. In fact, to clean and get better flavor all you have to do is dry burn it a few times to clean off the ceramic surface. One other nice feature with this design is you can run MAX VG juice in the tank and not worry about dry hits and wicking due to there being no cotton to the wick.

The Cerabis comes in OFF Mode To turn on the Cerabis you pull up in the top half of the tank to open the airflow. Otherwise, the tank is in off mode (Fig:1). Then to adjust the airflow you twist the upper portion that you just pulled up on clockwise.

The tank on the Cerabis holds up to 4ml’s of juice. You fill via an easy fill top fill design. The fill holes are HUGE. You don’t need a small tip you can just pour the juice in.

Cerabis Specifications

  • 23mm Diameter
  • Tank Capacity: 4ml’s
  • Threaded Top Fill Design
  • 6mm Bore Stealth Delrin Drip Tip
  • Unique On/Off Design (Pull Up To Turn On)
  • Adjustable Wicking Port Control
  • Vertical Ceramic Coil Structure
  • Coil Options: 0.8Ω, 0.4Ω – 0.5Ω.
  • Food Grade Nanometer Ceramic
  • Self Cleaning
  • Dual Adjustable Air Inlets
  • Silver Plated 510 Connection

Pick up a Ceravape Cerabis Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank for around $36.00

Ceravape Cerabis Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank

ELeaf Lychee Sub-Ohm Tank

ELeaf Lychee Sub-Ohm Tank

The Eleaf Lychee Sub-Ohm Tank uses the Cup style tank system (Fig:2) much like the Cubis tank. This practically stops any leaking due to there being no seams for the juice to leak out from. The coils are lowered into this cup of juice and is suspended in the juice (Fig:3).

The Lychee also features adjustable air, but the airflow is hidden. You twist the top to adjust the airflow. However, you will not see the hole being covered or shown (Fig:3).

The coils for the Lychee are the same as Cubis/Mini & E-grip2 style heads. That means you get to play with the new notch coil. This coil has tons of surface area that produce massive clouds and flavor.

The tank on the Lychee can hold up to 4ml’s of juice giving you plenty of time to shop or run errands without needing to refill the tank. You can fill the tank two ways. The first is the traditional top fill method. The second is to use the easy fill door (Fig:1).

Lychee Specifications

  • Dimensions: 2-3/8 X 7/8 inches
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Tank Capacity: 4ml’s
  • Features New SS NotchCoil (0.25Ω)
  • Coil Options: SS316L Dual Coil (0.25Ω)
  • Temperature Control Ready
  • Cupped Tank Design (Leak Proof)
  • Side Fill Design
  • Top Invisible Airflow Control Valve
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction

Pick up a Eleaf Lychee Sub-Ohm Tank for around $22.00

Eleaf Lychee Sub-Ohm Tank

UWell Crown V2

UWell Crown V2 Sub-Ohm Tank

The UWell Crown V2 is the upgraded version of one of the best Sub-Ohm Tanks to ever hit the market. UWell took some feedback from the vaping community and just went to town.

The Coil structure of the Crown V2 has be completely redesigned. They changed the connection point to a conned design. The positive connection is a cone shape to help improve conductivity (Fig:2). We also get some new coils with the new design. A 0.25Ω coil, a 0.8Ω and a 0.5Ω coil.

The tank can hold up to 4ml’s of juice allowing for you to stay vaping for most of the day before needing to refill. The way you fill the Crown V2 has been upgraded to a new “No Leak” top fill design (Fig:2).

The airflow on the Crown V2 has also been worked on a bit in this new version. Because this atty is still not released the info on what they did is slime, but they state “The airflow and air pathways have been refined.” So do with that what you will. I can tell you that the dual cyclops air inlets around the base are almost double the size from the V1.

Crown V2 Specifications

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Top & Bottom Fill Design
  • Tank Locking Screw
  • Delrin Insulated Drip Tip
  • Upgraded Chimney Design For Better Flavor
  • Cone Shaped Positive Connectors for Coils.
  • Coil Options: 0.25Ω, 0.5Ω, 0.8Ω
  • Redesigned Airways
  • No Leak Top Fill Design

Pick up a UWell Crown V2 Sub-Ohm Tank for around TBA

UWell Crown V2 Sub-Ohm Tank

Sigelei Elf

Sigelei Elf Sub-Ohm Tank

Designed for Flavor

The Sigelei Elf is their newest tank designed for Pure flavor. To fill the elf you simply pull up on the drip tip/cap and it pops off easily, then you can just fill the tank (Fig:2). You will probably want to bring along some juice if you go somewhere for a extended period of time because the tank only holds 2ml’s of juice. But because of the small profile, it is easy to see why.

The airflow on the Elf has some interesting features. Little fins and grooves force the air to form a vortex that gets the airflow swirling around the coils. This does two things, the first is they say it will reduce spit back, and the second is this produces massive flavor.

The quality on the Sigelei Elf is another feature I kept hearing from users who tried this tank. They all talked about how tight everything seemed to fit together, and the weight of it felt good. With such a low price point, the 2ml tank size isn’t looking so bad now.

Elf Specifications

  • Dimensions: 22mm X 48mm
  • Easy Top Fill Design
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Glass Tank Section
  • Tank Capacity: 2.0ml’s
  • Vortex Induction Airflow Coils
  • Spitback Reduction
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Dual Huge Cyclops Air Inlets

Pick up a Sigelei Elf Sub-Ohm Tank for around $TBA

Sigelei Elf Sub-Ohm Tank

Eleaf ijust2 Mini

The Ijust2 has a rubber ring that goes around the cyclops air inlets around the base (Fig:1). With smaller slots in the rubber ring, the airflow will get tighter with the ring. You can take it off and go wide open if you just like wide open vaping or if you want bigger clouds.

The tank holds 2ml’s of juice so like the Sigelei Elf if you are going anywhere for longer than a few hours you will want to bring some extra juice with you. You fill the tank by unscrewing the entire tank section from the base and filling it up kinda like the OBS Cirius (Fig:2).

The glass section of the tank section on the Ijust2 Mini is not replaceable. If you crack or break the glass, you will need to buy a whole new tank. But they are under $20 so that isn’t so bad.

Ijust 2 Mini Specifications

  • 22mm Diameter
  • Tank Capacity: 2ml’s
  • Pyrex Tank Section
  • Silicone Adjustable Airflow Ring
  • Heat Sink Structure
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Coil Options: iJust2 EC Coil Heads: 0.3Ω, 0.5Ω

Pick up a Eleaf iJust 2 Mini Sub-Ohm Tank for around $10.00

Eleaf iJust 2 Mini Sub-Ohm Tank

Vaporesso ORC cCELL

Vaporesso ORC cCELL Tank

New Drop-in Coil Design

The new Vaporesso ORC cCELL Sub-Ohm Tank is the newest creation from this relatively young company. One of the coolest features about this tank is how you install a new coil. You just unscrew the tank filled and all then drop the coil down into place (Fig:2). Done. The coil is then held in place with a spring and compression, no threads to hold the head in place.

The coils that the ORC use are just as impressive as the tank. They are the popular cCell heads. These use a ceramic compound for heating and wicking. Ceramic is an amazing material for vaping because of how porous, this also practically eliminates the horrible dry hits you often get with kanthal and cotton combinations.

The airflow on the ORC tank is fed by four adjustable bottom cyclops inlets that measure 7.5mm X 2.5mm in size. You can adjust them by an independently spinning control ring.

ORC Tank Specifications

  • Dimensions: 22.5mm X 64.5mm
  • Quad Adjustable Airflow Intakes (7.5mm X 2.5mm Each)
  • ORC System (Drop in Coil)
  • Spring Secured Coil Seat
  • Automatically Closes and Open Wicking Ports
  • Ceramic cCell Coil Design
  • Amazing Flavor, Less Dry Hits, Better Ramp Up Time
  • Three Triple Hexagon Wicking Ports
  • 24K Gold Plated

Pick up a Vaporesso ORC cCELL Tank for around $35.00

Vaporesso ORC cCELL Tank

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