I can only assume if you are reading this article you can appreciate new RDA’s and want to see what the market has to offer. What new features will help me achieve cloud bliss. Maybe this next RDA will have that one unique feature that will completely change the industry like the Velocity RDA did for Posts.

Let’s take a look at some of the newest RDA’s and see what they have to offer.

After the article, It would be cool to hear from you to find out what ones you think will help in the evolution of the RDA.



The CIA BSC V2 is an RDA that has a lot of innovative features. If you are talking about airflow or innovative post design the BSC V2 RDA has them in spades.

Let’s start off with the airflow. I count ten ports that air can travel in and out of the BSC V2. 4 of these shoot air directly into the chamber. The chamber section features six slots three on each side. Near the top, you then have two more 9mm by 1.5mm air slots that enter horizontally from the top of the chamber.

Then on the very top of the top cap, you have eight 2mm diameter adjustable air holes that shoot air vertically downward into the chamber. (Fig:1)

All of these combined create an RDA designed for Clouds.

The deck on the BSC V2 features three unique “U-style” posts with a terminal free design. (Fig:3). To secure the coil leads into the posts you use a system, not unlike a vice. The leads are sandwiched in-between a flat plate and the bottom of the U-shape post. And is clamped down by tightening the flathead screw. This design gives you a ton of room to fit leads and all those crazy builds I see you guys making.

Lastly, the juice well is a deep 6mm allowing you to keep vaping for longer. The 510 connection is copper to ensure you get maximum conductivity.

BSC V2 Specifications

  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Juice Well: 6mm
  • Triple Post Build Deck
    • Clamp Style Posts
    • Flathead Screws
  • Quad Adjustable Airflow
  • Triple Horizontal Slots
    • The Top Two Are 9mm X 1.5mm (Enters Directly Into Chamber)
    • The Bottom Slot is 6mm X 2mm (Enters Vertically into Chamber)
    • Adjustable by Barel Adjustment
  • Dual Top-Airflow
    • Dual Air slots Enter Horizontally (9mm X 1.5mm)
    • Dual Adjustable Quad Airholes Enter Vertically Down Into Chamber (2mm Diameter Each)
  • 12.5mm Wide Bore Competition Style Cap (Adjustable Top Airflow)
  • Copper 510 Connection

Pick up a CIA BSC V2 “U” Post-RDA for around $65.00 from VaporDNA.com


Fumytech Cyclon RDA

Fumytech Cyclon RDA

The FUMYTECH CYCLON RDA is designed in France by Fumytech. The first thing you notice about this RDA is the cyclone pattern embossed into the side of the RDA. That is to play on the Airflow that you guessed it is channeled into a cyclone when the correct airflow settings are set.

For airflow, you have a few options. The first is by adjusting the upper airflow control ring.(Fig:1) Adjusting this will allow you to go from just side airflow to the Cyclone system. That will sorta “guide” the airflow down in a rotating or “cyclone” fashion. Or you can just shut the Upper airflow and just use the dual bottom airflow. Maybe get more flavor.

The deck on the Cyclon almost reminds me of an old school RDA. With the round posts and tall round bottom airflow tubes. The  posts each feature 2.46mm terminals with large 5.20mm grub screws to hold the leads in place.

The Juice well on this baby is massive. Because this is so new and not a ton of store have a Cyclone I can’t seem o find the exact number on how deep it is. But In one of the listings, there was a 6ml in the title. And that is what it looks like it could hold so I’m going with 6ml juice well.

Cyclon Specifications

  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Juice Well: 6mm
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • Close off Upper Airflow
  • Upper Airflow Control Ring
  • Dual Posts With 2.46mm Terminals
  • 6mm Juice Well

Pick up a Fumytech Cyclon RDA for around $40 When Released.

Fumytech Cyclon RDA

Sense Herakles RDA

Sense Herakles RDA

The famous and adored Herakles is now coming to the RDA market. Being this is Herakles’s first time in the RDA market they had to do something different to stand out and remind everyone that Yes they kick ass. What did they do?

The deck features dual velocity style posts with dual terminals and side tension grub screws. (Fig:1) Just below the posts sit two large bottom airflow ports ready to feel the coils with the cloud producing airflow they need. (Fig:3)

The airflow is where things get interesting on the Herakles RDA. Featuring a dedicated bottom airflow control ring to fine tune your airflow. This is unheard of for an RDA or at very least very rare. You also have dual side airflow

– I wish I had more info but at this time info is lacking on the Herakles RDA.

Herakles RDA Specifications

  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Juice Well: 6mm
  • Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Velocity Style Posts
  • Side Tension Grub Screws
  • Dedicated Bottom Airflow Control Ring

Pick up a Sense Herakles RDA for around $20.00 When Released

Sense Herakles RDA from 3fvape

Lost Vape Malstrom RDA

Lost Vape Malstrom RDA

The Lost Vape Malstrom RDA is the long lost friend the Lost Vape Halcyon Squonker has been waiting for. The Malstrom RDA is a squonk box ready RDA. This means that you have a small hole in the 510 connection that you fit a small tube through that feeds your cotton juice. The Lost Vape Halcyon Squonker is just such a box mod. You get a small bottle that holds the juice and when you need to add more you just press the little tube and the iquid will flow up a tube and into the RDA.

Honestly, it is sort of a complicated system for something that can be handled with an RTA, BUT I am a sucker for cool gadgets.

The Malstrom RDA can run single or dual coil builds. The posts feature a single 2.5mm by 1.5mm terminals Each. The leads are held in place with a Wide area Philips screw

The airflow on the Malstrom RDA features dual slotted adjustable air slots. These are 9mm X 1.5mm each providing you with massive amounts of cloud chucking air. For the single coil lovers, the Malstrom can be configured for single sided airflow as well.

To help with flavor condensing the top cap is highly tapered. This is supposed to help collect the flavor before it hits you in your flavor waiting face.

The juice well on the Malstrom is a decent 4mm deep. For such a compact RDA this isn’t too bad.

Malstrom Specifications

    • Diameter:22mm
    • Juice Well: 4ml
    • Squonk Ready
    • Dual Post Build Deck
      • 2.5mm X 1.5mm Terminals
      • Wide Area Philips Screws
    • Dual Adjustable Airflow
      • 9mm X 1.5mm Each
      • Single Coil Compatible
      • High Sloped For Flavor Condensing
    • Three Drip Tips Included
    • Gold Plated 510 Connection
    • PEEK Insulators

Pick up a Lost Vape Malstrom RDA for around $24.00

Lost Vape Malstrom RDA from OriginVape.com

Vaporesso Nalu RDA


The Vaporesso Nalu Two Post Glass Integrated RDA is a unique RDA in that they have added a glass window to the top section of the top cap. This is supposed to help with heat resistance and somehow helps with flavor. (Fig:1)

The deck features dual velocity style posts with four large terminals to give you plenty of room to fit a vast range of coil builds.(Fig:2) To tighten the coil leads in place you have four side tension grub screws.

The internal airflow is fed by large 7.5mm X 3mm airflow inlets positioned under each coil. (Fig:2) On the top side, you have 7.5mm X 3mm dual adjustable slotted airflow. Or you can run in single airflow mode.

If you like drip tips you will love the Nalu. This RDA comes with three shorty drip tips that are 9mm in diameter. (Fig:3)

Nalu Specifications

  • Diameter:24mm
  • Juice Well: “Deep”
  • Glass Window in Top Cap
  • Dual Velocity Style Posts
    • Dual Terminals Per Terminal
    • Cyclops Terminals
    • Side Tension Grub Screws
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow (7.5mm X 3mm)
  • Single Airflow Mode Available
  • Three Shorty Drip Tips Included
  • Adjustable Gold Plated 510 Connection

Pick up a Vaporesso Nalu RDA for around $30.00

Vaporesso Nalu RDA from VaporDNA.com

Troll v2 RDA by WOTOFO

Troll v2 RDA by WOTOFO

The Wotofo Troll V2 RDA, the Troll is back. This time around they updated the build deck, airflow and a few other minor changes that make this the Best troll ever?

The deck now features dual velocity style posts with massive 2.7mm post holes. With deck milled negatives. (Fig:1) This is more than double the size of the original troll post holes (terminals) that were only 1.5mm diameter. This will allow you to fit more face melting builds in the troll.

The airflow on the Troll V2 is adjustable with two airflow options depending on the coils you are using. One is a dual-triple slotted horizontal configuration, and the other is a diagonal configuration with dual- triple slotted air holes.

The juice well on the Troll V2 is HUGE. Sporting a 10mm deep juice well you can just vape and vape and vape, eventually needing to drip some more.

Finally, you have a big pimpin Gold plated 510 connection to help make sure you get the best connection. The Troll V2 could be considered a competition RDA and for the price you can’t go wrong.

Troll V2 Specifications

  • Diameter:22mm
  • Juice Well: 10mm
  • Dual Velocity Style Posts
    • 2.7mm Post Holes
    • Side Tension Grub Screws
    • PEEK Insulators
  • Two-Mode Adjustable Direct Side Airflow
    • Triple Horizontal Airflow Slots
    • Triple Diagonal Airflow Slots
  • Gold Plated 510 Connection

Pick up a Wotofo Troll V2 RDA for around $29.00

Wotofo Troll V2 RDA from Eciggity.com



Now for something by Tobeco to finish out the list. The Stargate RDA. This RDA is a Frankenstein RDA. The Stargate takes the bottom airflow and deep juice well of the Tsunami, and the clamp design of the Goon RDA. The Stargate is coming hard with the features. Do they pay off?

Back to the deck. The posts feature no terminal holes but use a clamping system much like the Goon RDA. The big difference between the two are the Goon claims are gold plated and horizontal, and the Stargate claps are not gold and vertical. Not sure how that will work out but it could be nice or not so much. The negative post is milled into the deck for conductivity and strength.

The airflow is exactly like the new Tsunami 24mm. With four internal inlets that are positioned under the coils. These inlets are fed by two cyclops air intakes around the base of the RDA. You can adjust by rotating the top cap around to cover and reveal more of the openings.

Overall the Stargate takes some features that we love from some other popular RDA’s such as the Tsunami and Goon and mashes them together to create this RDA we have. For the price point of only $18.00, you won’t loose out on much if you Don’t end up liking it.

Stargate Specifications

  • Diameter:22mm
  • Juice Well: “Deep”
  • Dual Post Design
    • Clamping Terminal Design (Like Goon RDA)
    • Spring Supported Clamps
    • Easy To Install Coils
    • Philips Head Screws
  • Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • Quad Kennedy Style Airflow Tubes
  • Wide Bore Delrin Drip Tip
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Pick up a Stargate RDA By Tobeco for around $18.00

Tobeco Stargate RDA from Eciggity

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