The RDA market is finally starting to change and grow. Our last few RDA articles were full of innovative new designs. This one is no different. All of these RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) have one thing in common. They all have something unique to bring to the vaping community. Some of the ideas will go on and help change the industry. While other will fall off like the loved slap bracelet or techno color t-shirts.

Model T RDA


Unique T shaped Airflow and Post Holes

The Model T RDA by Duality Designs and EHPRO has some interesting design aspects.

The airflow on the Model T is controlled by twisting the cap to hide or reveal more of the T-shaped slot (Fig:3). You get 3 main options for airflow adjustment. Fully open, 1/3 and 1/2 open. Depending on the coil build and how you like to vape you can really dial in for the perfect setting.

The Velocity style posts are another unique feature of the Model T. The bottom two holes are normal round holes (Fig:1). The two top ones however are slots. Duality Designs said this is to help users build with greater ease.

Model T Specifications

  • 22mm X 28.5mm Dimensions
  • Gold Plated Positive Pin
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Unique Slotted & Drilled Post Holes
  • 3 Main Airflow Options
  • T-Shaped Airflow Design
  • STRONG O-Rings
  • Two Drip Tip Options (Can’t Use Your Own)

Grab a Model T RDA by Duality Designs & EHPRO for around $30.00

Model T RDA by Duality Designs

Project Sub-Ohm Mutation X V5

Project Sub-Ohm Mutation X V5

Innovative Postless & Velocity Deck

The Project Sub-Ohm Mutation X V5 is a masterpiece of vaping technology. One of the biggest changes you will notice is the ability to use the dual velocity style posts & the post less deck style at the same time. If you wish just to use the post less deck you can remove the velocity posts easily with two screws.(Fig:3)

Indulgence added a ceramic block to half of the build deck to use as the positive post. The other half is 304 Stainless steel that is used as the negative posts. This was done in an effort to help with heat displacement.

The airflow of the Mutation X V5 still uses the classic dual parallelogram airflow array found in previous models (Fig:2). This time they also added a new top adjustable airflow system that redirects the airflow to the chamber just above the rim of the deck.

Mutation X V5 Specifications

    • 22mm Diameter
    • Dual Mode Build Deck
    • Dual Velocity Posts
      • 3mm by 2mm Diameter Terminals
      • Side Tension Applied
    • Postless Deck
      • Quad Terminals
      • 2.5mm Diameter Each Terminal
      • Secured by Hex Grub Screws
      • Ceramic Insulator
      • Top Airflow
      • Redirects Airflow Down To Chamber
      • Independently Adjusted Airflow
      • Dual Parallelogram Side Airflow Array (A Bunch of Holes!!!)
      • Double O-Ring Secured Base
      • Silver Plated Copper Connection

Pick up a Project Sub-Ohm Mutation X V5 for around $30.00

Project Sub-Ohm Mutation X V5


OVW Custom D.I.Y Flavoring

SubZero 24mm Competition Two Post RDA

SubZero 24mm Competition Two Post RDA

A Unique Way to Block off a Side

The SubZero 24mm RDA is a interesting little Atty. Built for competitions the SubZero has a bunch of little cool features that are also very helpful to builders and comp vapers.

For starters the SubZero 24mm is bigger than the 22mm original SubZero and that alone gives you more space and room to build. The deck also features these two threaded air holes that feed air directly to the coils. They are threaded so you can use one of the provided screws and block off half of the deck for single build configurations. This is all fed via the 6 air holes around the base that evenly feed air into the system.

SubZero 24mm features a hybrid compatible 510 connection for use with other SubZero Competition devices. The atty comes with a screw on bottom ring and bottom hybrid copper contact pin you can be sure that you will have a solid connection.

SubZero 24mm Specifications

      • 24mm Diameter
      • Dual Post Build Deck
      • 25mm Diameter Each Terminal
      • No Spin Design Posts
      • Dual 5mm Internal Airflow W. Screws to Throttle Airflow
      • 6 Adjustable Airflow Slots 5mm X 3mm Each
      • DripLock Airflow Control
      • Hybrid Compatible
      • Provided Copper Hybrid Contact Attachment
      • Copper 510 Connection

Pick up a SubZero 24mm Competition RDA for around $75.00

Sub-Ohm Innovations SubZero 24mm Competition RDA

Infinite CLT V4

Infinite CLT V4 RDA

Interchangeable Posts

The CLT V4 by Infinite is another innovative design. This time around the Infinite V4 comes with 2 sets of posts. One is a horizontal dual terminal configuration with 3mm terminals (Fig:1). The second is Vertical dual terminal set that features 3mm X 2.5mm Terminal holes. The coolest part is you can actually interchange these to fit any insane build you can think of.

The airflow on the CLT V4 is also pretty innovative. The airflow enters horizontally in the base and then is redirected upwards into the funneled 3mm Airholes. The bottom airflow is adjusted by twisting a bar at the base of the RDA to open or shut the airflow. (Fig:3)

CLT V4 Specifications

      • 23mm Diameter
      • Innovative Interchangeable Post Design
      • 2x Vertical Posts W. 3mm X 2.5mm Terminals
      • 2x Horizontal Posts W. 3mm Terminals
      • Quickly Change Out & Swap Posts
      • 5mm Deep Juice Well
      • Dual Airflow
      • Side Cyclops Airslot 12mm X 2mm Each
      • Redirected Bottom Airflow
      • 3mm Funneled Chamber
      • 12mm WideBore PEI Drip Tip
      • Silver Plated 510 Connection

Pick up a Infinite CLT V4 for around $30.00

Infinite CLT V4

Aria kaze V2 RDA

kaze V2 RDA by Aria

The Long Awaited V2

The kaze V2 RDA by Aria is finally here. One of the main features on the Kaze V2 is the “C Clamp” Post design with 2mm opening, much like the slotted posts on other atties we have featured in the recent past. This is suppose to aid in making more complex builds easier to install. The negative post is milled into the deck while the positive post is Plated with Gold for maximum conductivity.

The Kaze V2 also comes with two sleeves. (Fig:3). The first is a “Flavor Sleeve” with double the airflow. The second sleeve is for when it’s time to get serious and chuck some clouds, featuring massive window for maximum drawing power. This dual airflow is nice for when you want to just relax and enjoy some flavor or for when you need to pump out clouds like a… Cloud Storm…

Kaze V2 Specifications

      • Dual Post Design
      • C-Clamp Style Post Holes W. 2mm Clearance and 2mm Opening.
      • Gold Plated Positive Post
      • 4mm Deep Juice Well
      • Dual Sleeves 1 For Flavor & 1 For Competition
      • Gold Plated Wide Bore Drip Tip & Delrin Chuff Styles
      • PEEK Insulated
      • Huge Philips Head Screws

Pick up a kaze V2 RDA by Aria for around $90.00

kaze V2 RDA by Aria

Geek Vape Tsunami 24mm


The 24mm Kennedy Plus the Tsunami =

The Geek Vape Tsunami 24mm is the bigger brother of the loved Tsunami RDA 22mm. This time around Geek Vapes went and added the Kennedy style bottom airflow to make this one of their best RDA’s to date.

With a bigger 24mm footprint and the dual velocity posts this is a great RDA for new and cloud chasers alike. The post holes are cyclops style measuring 3.0mm X2.1mm in size. Big enough to fit any stapled clapton or whatever you build.

The airflow on the Tsunami 24mm has been upgraded with bottom airflow that forces air directly under the coils. Lastly for you squonk lovers the Tsunami is Squank ready with a extra hollow positive pin that you can use to throw this on your Squonk box.


      • 24mm X 29.5mm Diameter
      • Dual Velocity Style Posts
      • Single or Dual Coil Compatible
      • 2.5ml Juice Well
      • Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow
      • 3 Drip Tip Variations
      • Squonk Box Ready
      • Adjustable Gold Plated 510 Pin

Pick up a Geek Vape Tsunami 24mm RDA for around $35.00

Geek Vape Tsunami 24mm RDA

The future of the RDA market is looking really good. With all these new innovations that is a good sign that companies and the community are in synch. We find something we do not like or want changed and it happens.I am definitely looking forward to seeing what this thriving young industry has next.

Do you have a RDA that you just love? let’s hear about it in the comments.

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